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Very good speech by the speakers of the event and the moderator. Interesting debate on the topic Good insight on the statistics and numbers presented.

Very good effort, it was informative. Could have been more interactive, as we dint have much time for questions.

I became aware of an organization named Ewit. I would like to see the presentation of the winners.

Actually i supposed to an idea to sit home as home maker, but this program entirely change my mind and vision. Such a nice speech was given by panel members especially Sremathi & Nirmala. Thanks a lot to eWit.

Yes it was beneficial. I am expecting to see RRD getting sovereignty in the near future, thus allowing the participants to write exams and be a part of the forum.

A very useful one, Would appreciate if a copy of the Souvenir had been given to us as well.

It was great to listen to different perspectives of the topic by experts. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and it was absolutely thought provocative. I would not miss another session if I get the chance.

Gave more self confidence,motivation and got encouragement and courage to acheive my goals.

This event was beneficial and we can have more social problems discussed. Women can make a definite change if they understand the root cause of several problems. They can make the change and pass it on to their counterparts.

The key takeaways from the session were: - To make a choice and know our priorities - Creating an identity for oneself - Knowing to draw the line and strike a balance in our personal and work life Suggestion: To have these session on a weekend and if our dads/husbands could attend such sessions. It will really be helpful for them to understand as well. We should also have sessions to focus on managers trying to reach senior leadership. It is at this stage that most women give up due to social and economic factors.

Attending such programs once in a while will not be of much help. We should be sent to such programs on a regular intervals.

It was an awesome event, wish we could have more events, which keeps us going.

Good session to attend.Extremely charged up with interactive session.Looking forward for such session in future also.

I learnt about the challenges that women face currently, and how can be dealt with, the confidence that each women employeee should have, and can be extended little while.

I thought it was a great lecture by Ms. Latha Rajan. Her lecture was simple but thought provoking. There were some good take always in terms of building support networks and taking people along. The emphasis was on “WE” rather than “I”. Overall, it was a great experience!

We could indeed learn how to succeed in life with the best of things in us instead of trying out the clichéd route to success. I personally could understand the terminology Strategy management in a very realistic way which I hope would be helpful throughout in my life. And one of the best things that we learned was the importance of nurturing ourselves and being ourselves irrespective of the heights that we reach, this was very thought provoking. The entire session was very light and was something which we could connect to as women of the corporate sector.

Role Model Series Lecture spanned the breadth and depth of every individuals. The programme was comprehensive yet presented in a way that allowed all attendees to understand the concepts being presented. Expect more such motivating programs in future!!!

The “Hare and the Tortoise” presentation which was shared by the Speaker is awesome

The narrator Ms. Latha Rajan is indeed a real role model for each aspiring women.

The event wa by Ms.Latha Rajan was very interactive and well received by attendees. She is a real role model for every individual who are willing to grow.

The presentation given by Mrs. Latha Rajan was very good and interactive and helped us to know about the work-life balance. The motive of this program is well appreciated. And I believe this kind of program will really nurture us to succeed in life. Overall the session was nice and inspiring.

The Role model series was fantastic. It is very informative and some points which Ms. Latha Rajan said was really influencing.

There were some disturbances during the session like people were started moving from one place to another; some of them were moving out of the room, someone was talking over phone… Can you please look into it and may be setting Ground Rules is one of the option to avoid such disturbances.

Other than these the session went well and eWIT can continue doing this kind of session which will Groom us in better shape and make us a Role Model in future.

Things are learnt effectively when someone shares their experience. This was one such session where real life struggle & lessons learnt during the journey in making of a Brand was shared to us. The session was interesting & motivating.

The Role Model Series Lecture on 29th June 2012 at Exemplarr Worldwide-Chennai, was very informative and enlightening. Ms.Latha Rajan,with her own experience and anecdotes made the meeting lively and thought provoking. Her saying of - 'we need to compete against the situation and not against the rival' was invigourating and to be frank that is what I practiced in KIOCL previously and now at Polaris Financial Technology Limited. This information and experience, I am going to share with my colleagues.

I personally thoroughly enjoy all the role Model Series, that’s the reason I ensure to attend all the programs eWIT conducts irrespective of any topic.Each series has its own specialty and I gain lot of learning’s and experience from every individual speaker.There are lot of women who wants to become successful but due to certain reasons are not able to reach the goal they set, eWIT can identify those women and try to help them in any form.Also I have one concern, for emerging entrepreneurs like me, we would definitely need some amount of assistance and guidance to become successful irrespective of the effort we put, and so if eWIT tries to help us even after the program it would be highly appreciated and would be very much beneficial to people like us. Later we can also conduct a program inviting women who have been benefited by the whole program and the role played by eWIT for the individual to become successful out of this Program.

It was a very useful experience listening to Ms Latha Rajan, Director, Ma Foi. She shared the key values that led to the success of Ma Foi, through the simple rabbit-tortoise story. Listening to her kindled the confidence and courage to take risks and try and perform one's best - not just professionally, but in all walks of life.

Suggestions:- As many interested people may not be able to attend such sessions, the key points could be summarized and shared via your web-site.Questions not directly related to the talk, but anyway of possible common interest, could be collected and summarized before the session, and then be put to the role model for her views.

It was my husband who insisted that I attend this event and i am SO glad that I did-the first 'all women’s networking' event in my 11 years of career and I am sure ,this event was just the beginning and hope to have many more with eWIT. While initially, I felt little intimated -as the event progressed, it left me very motivated and empowered. Kudos to eWIT.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be at the session. “Ewit session on Know Your Rights (Off work and At Work) – Deal With Confidence was a very rewarding session. A sensitive issue, presented with views from experienced panelists from various stand points, seems much confidently addressable now. I would say the session had a complete dose of positive energy.” Hoping to be part of such sessions in future.

The session was really good; especially it was so interesting to listen to Smitha’s speech. Please try to finish off the session on time, so that we will have the satisfaction of attending the event till end, instead leaving in the middle as it exceeds the specified time. Eagerly awaiting for more interesting sessions!!

It was fantastic. Practical discussion with astute speakers.

I really enjoyed the session. The speakers were so passionate about the subject which made the session to be more informative and inspiring. Dr. Sangeetha Madhu’s speech was very impressive. Personally felt the speakers could have given more time to discuss on the issues. Thanks to Exemplarr and Ewit.

I am really excited and more impressed with the speech given by all the speakers. I have removed my photo from the facebook and recommend everyone to do the same after I have learned the issues of facebook photos which was addressed by the speaker Ms. Vasunthara.I am very much impressed about the speaker Dr. Sangeetha Madhu, for her excellent way of communication.

The Networking Event was very informative, all the panel members have delivered very impressive and thoughtful talk about the domestic violence and women rights. My heartful congratulation to eWIT for conducting such networking events

The session was very lively. For me personally and also generally it has left behind the information that Grabbing opportunities when they come is very important.Breaks should be utilized to learn and keep in touch with the subject of interests.Ways for women to balance family and work very well

eWit Role Model series is an excellent initiative providing valuable guidance to the growing population of women leaders .Rama Sivaram’s talk on Aug 29th gave an insight into the challenges women leaders face in their dual role of corporate leader cum homemaker. Her accomplishment as a strong leader in a competitive environment is a living example of the role determination and perseverance play in the road to success .She gave some humorous examples taken from her own experience which focused on the importance of work-life balance and how one can achieve it even in today’s challenging corporate world. Overall it was a very insightful session and eWIT should continue focusing on such initiatives. Thankyou eWit ….lets create more such dynamic women leaders

It was a simply superb session- very thought provoking with lot of tips and suggestions.I especially like the hard facts that we cannot shy away from networking if we want to grow up in the ladder, the ideas she gave for ensuring that children do not get into a undesirable track, while allowing them access to latest gadgets/technology.AS a presenter, my God, Rama was stunning in keeping the audience literally glued to their seats.. and I don’t think any of us even winked our eyes.. as we were absorbed in listening to every word she uttered. Her presentation skill itself was a learning experience.She had sequenced it very well, talked about her role models and walked us through her own life where she grabbed every opportunity to her advantage and how she learnt to manage to be on top of everything.In summary, we went back with a satisfied feeling with a lot of takeaways.Thankyou Indira, for being instrumental in organizing such useful programs.

  1. The fact that it was delivered was from her experience & not some concepts picked from somewhere (Hats off!!!)
  2. The way of presentation was very engaging and we were listening with rapt attention.
  3. We are inspired by her life story about how she tapped the opportunity and create success, how she plans her personal & professional life.
  4. We would like to mention that EWIT is working on a wonderful initiative and looking forward for more such programs.
  5. Program seems to be too good and informative for the women in today’s world.

The speciality of the last program was the key note delivered by our Partner and Global Head - Performance Excellence, MS Rama Sivaraman.She, being our talented senior colleague, her speech was special in enlightening and guiding us in our personal life.She quoted the success of her classmates and friends who changed their line of study and profession and came up in their carrier.According to her, we professionals should understand and analyze our passion and profession. At any time, if we feel "We are out of place", we should not hesitate to switch over the profession.

She quote many examples from her own life: When her previous organisation merged with Polaris, she resumed duty she cancelled her maternity leave and assumed duty - which reveals her commitment and resolve in professional life! According to her, recognizing and grabbing the situation coming across our carrier help us in our growth.She quoted the incidence of giving her consent immediately even before her male colleagues decide about going to USA on very short notice.For the query by one of the participant, she emphasized on our networking beyond the meeting and working Hours.We, the professionals , having more responsibility at the home front, try to rush home after finishing our work, may be as late as possible . But the little more extra time we spent , say after a meeting or in between the meeting times like coffee brake, in networking with all give the opportunity to understand the situational opportunities in the guise of practical problems or challenges ,as felt my most of our counterparts. Not only in carrier front, she gave valuable tips on our family front - like coping with elders and in-laws. The cardial relationship with them make our house a happy nest. Since we are in professional life which warrants for more attention, We can not give the due attention to our children as of Home makers. So we have to make our children and the family members to understand and cooperate with us. We can distribute many of our household responsibilities to them and spend some of our time on enriching our knowledge , for social activities and duties and relax a bit to refresh ourselves for facing further challenges. She gave useful tips in monitoring children's education and their present day involvement in internet and social networking. She discussed the pros and cons of the issue , by which we can minimize our stress in that direction. Last, but not the least, her advice to those, who quit profession for the sake of children and family, want to join after few years, is - To be in constant touch with the profession by updating their knowledge of their field will increase their chance of reentry. I gave only the glimpse of her wonderful speech which mesmerized one and all in the hall, including my colleagues. Expecting many more such events.

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