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Company experts feel that it is so. In fact, with many successful businesses, the female-male employee ratio is as now as much 30-70, with numbers only increasing.

Behavioral researches concluded that the fair sex was better in socializing and interacting effectively with people. Women were found to have more commitment in their careers, and were focused on developing and maintaining a long-term career.

With this find coupled together with the 2008 expectation of attrition rates increasing dramatically, it is no wonder that companies are now hiring more female employees.

One company commented that women were more ‘transparent' and trustworthy and as a result established confidence in clients.

Is hiring women all that much more profitable than men? Growth-oriented company experts say it is a fact that just cannot be ignored.

IT companies have begun to cash in on the largely untapped female-employee benefits. They are now hiring and training many new female employees.

Experts add that although there are many benefits to hiring women, no ‘one size fits all'.

As for corporate trends and changes, gone are the days when being a woman attempting a career was yet another hurdle to cross.

Source : Timejobs.com

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